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How do you measure success?

People see success in different ways. For some it is making a lot of money, while for others it is the recognition that a company receives. But regardless of what success is for each individual there are certain things that you will see in an accomplished company and business.

Success - Rhode Island Networking EventsA Sufficient Customer Base: In order for a business to be successful there not only has to be customers, but a sufficient number of customers to keep the business afloat.

A Cash Reserve: A successful business has to be able to handle situations as they arise. This requires a reserve of money.

Transparency: Customers have to be able to trust a company, as do the employees. Successful businesses maintain transparency because they know that it shows that they are trustworthy.

A Sound Strategy: Strategy is absolutely necessary for succeeding. Without one you’re striving aimlessly and aren’t likely to reach any significant level of success.

Every business is different, there is no doubt about that, and some businesses need fewer of some things and more of others.

How do you measure your SUCCESS and what is important to you?  Leave your comments below, we would love your feedback!  

Michael Resendes

Michael Resendes is the Vice President of Atlas Studios; a Web Development and Marketing Firm based in Rhode Island. He is also the creator of Rhode Island Networking Events.

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