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Core Collaborative – A Different Type Of Networking & Why I Love It!

In this quick video, I wanted to highlight what the Core Collaborative “Adopt A Business” means to me and why I think it is a great tool for any business owner or entrepreneur to attend.  Weekly, on Tuesday mornings, a group of professionals come together to discuss their businesses and to share ideas that can help catapult their business to the next stage.  The example I give in this video & article is of Julius Searight with Food 4 Good.  Julius in an entrepreneur from Johnson & Wales University who is out to make a change here in Rhode Island, and to address the issue of hunger.  He is also the recent winner of Shark Fest that was held here in Providence in February.

So how does the Core Collaborative help businesses and entrepreneurs like Julius Searight of Food 4 Good?

For the most part, as a new entrepreneur we are alone and work from coffee shops, our dorms, libraries or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.  For some of us, we work from a home office that comes with all the distractions of working from home.  This also means that there really isn’t anyone to bounce ideas off of.  That’s where the Core Collaborative Adopt a Business comes into play.

Core Collaborative - Rhode Island

As a group we listen to the ideas that Julius has for his business and what direction he would like to go in.  We talk about his current strategy and what his needs are in order to succeed. This provides Julius with suggestions and opinions from business professionals from all different categories.  It’s the one opportunity to really showcase our business and to ask for suggestions based on our business model and mission.

I could go on and on about how great it really is, but the best way is to see it in action for yourself.  Join me and the Core Collaborative on a Tuesday morning at 10:00 am to learn more about how we are changing the way entrepreneurs network. If you’re interested in having your business showcased as an Adopt a Business, feel free to send me an email or call 401-441-6686 for more information.

Have you already had your business showcased or attended a meeting?  Leave your comments below and let everyone know what you think about Core Collaborative and the Adopt A Business showcase.

Michael Resendes

Michael Resendes is the Vice President of Atlas Studios; a Web Development and Marketing Firm based in Rhode Island. He is also the creator of Rhode Island Networking Events.
  • Eve Marie

    Thank you for sharing this article Mike!
    I had the opportunity to fill in a spot on a Tuesday morning and although at first it seemed like an intimidating process, it truly broke the ice for me to reach out to business leaders for their insights on the events I aspire to produce. As a young entrepreneur it can be confusing as to what resources are out there, I believe the collaborative meetings will serve as a tool that encourages collegiate entrepreneurs to make things happen right here “in your back yard.” The people are the most valuable resources and at this group we embrace that by building relationships and connecting, vs the classic and unproductive “here’s my business card.”

    If you love to learn and have a desire to take your business goals to another level, we will see you Tuesday at 10am at The Hatch.

  • Thanks for the great comment Eve!

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